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First off, this is a MAJOR work in progress. As new characters are added, we will update this, basically what we want to do, is create a list of abillties, so that nobody is confused as to what one abillity does do or doesn't do.

We'll organize them by type, sort of how org-nu does, because that seems to be the most effective way to organize it.

There will be a heading, and then all the abillties under it in alphabetical order.

I will add more generalzations as the club gets bigger.

Abillities that increase defensive stats, such as forming barriers and the like. Used to protect the user and or teammates.

Abillities that raise stats, often for the loss of another one. Also Abillities that are mainly offenseive and have no real defensive purpose.

    Sync Blade/Berserk-Servian can operate 2 keyblades at once at the cost of some energy to do so. Because of this, he often fights with one keyblade, and brings the seccond as a surprise. His seccond keyblade when in play, makes Servian a little more reckless with his attacks, Especially when he takes damage. as his attack goes up, his defense goes down. and he payes less attention to his surroundings. The more damage he takes, the more dangerous he gets.… Dark Access/Dark Release-Suzaku will normally rely on his own strength in a battle, using darkness only for technique. When he uses his strength over darkness randomly to give himself a boost, he is utilizing Dark Access. When subject to enough damage, however, he will summon forth his shadow-form. This is his true ability, Dark Release.) Suzaku is also a firebender.…

Abillities that interact/control/create inanimate objects or the enviroment. Plants, objects, that sort of thing.

    Wishing Star- Jessie is able to create any inanimate object, or change the battlefield if she wishes. Each wish lasts 10 minutes, and she cannot use another one until 5 minutes have passed. [Ex:She can wish for a ray gun, she can wish to be on an ice floe, she can't wish you injured in any way shape or form.]… Practical Jokes-Basically, Edy has his own little laugh track, which he can force onto enemies to make them start laughing uproariously. Also, he can create whoopee cushions, cans of jelly beans filled with (real) snakes, and rubber vomit to attack the enemy.…

Abillities that cause status effects, such as poison or paraylisis

Abillities that affect the senses, touching, hearing, seeing

Abillities that have something to do with the mind, such as telekenisis.


Abilltiies that use tatics to hide yourself, such as a transperancy thing.

Abillities that have to do with your standard RPG elements, fire, water, earth, wind etc. Anything derived from that as well. Also, various forms of magic will be included here.

    Dark Magic: Kehyson is able to cast spells, all pretaining around darkness. Tornadoes made of blood, ear piercing blood screams, that kind of thing. All the spells take a little bit of time to set up however, not one of them is instant, and they also depend on how bright, or dark, the area around him is. The brighter it is, the weaker the spell.Using magic also takes some of Kehyson's blood. The more spells he cast's the more damage he takes.… Aquakenisis-Control of water.…

Any abillity that deals with increasing or decreasing the movment of somebody or something, such as speed, agility, teleportation

    Resonance- She is able to resonate with her weapon to create a sort of "super attack" Also, she can attempt to shut down the enemies power by destroying his resonace with it, it is a gamble and either doesn't work, works a little, works a lot, or completley shuts down their power.

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Really, I haven't logged on in over a month, as you see. XD

I plan on doing some MAJOR rennovations.

Mi-Chan104 Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2010
Haha No worries. xD

Clue me in if you want!~ I'd be happy to help!~ 8D

I need to think of a character or something, but I haven't watched anime in FOREVER. =____=;; So, I really don't know what I'm doing.
animalla Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2009
D| I've been neglecting this club GRRRRRRR.
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Well then stop.
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D: O-okay D: I'll stop.

And, yes, still working on super-big KH club journal thinggy >:
Channel-Keybladers Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2009
GOOD. <3

Ah yes... But artblock has hit some people pretty hard, and they're at a complete loss for inspiration. D:
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SyrianKanachi Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2009
Also, we're not up and running yet. OTL.
It's not you neglecting you or us, it's hammy being lazy and not drawing her character.

Once she does that, we'll get more members and we'll get a chat and blah.

But I'm sorry, early member privleges? XD
animalla Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2009
Oh, oh, oh D: Okay >w> Cuz I was like, " there's, like, no art yet D: I gotta get something started here!"

xD Pffffft, that Hammy |D

:dummy: Yeah, I'm cool with that xD
SyrianKanachi Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2009
You can feel free to draw anything you want to~
And maybe you get get us out there to a few of your active watchers and stuff?

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